Yuanchu Dang

Welcome to Purple Doodler! My name is Yuanchu and I am a junior at Williams College majoring in math and computer science. This is my debut website, which will be mainly used to display my photography.

Purple Doodler grows out of an idea of combining web programming and photography to do cool stuff. Coding in html, css and javascript, I put a great emphasis on infrastructure, design and experience.

Right now, I have four albums in my collection: Williamstown, Boston, New York, and the Great Wall. You can click on each individual image as well as run a slide show. Loading might be slow for large pictures but further optimization is under way, with even cooler graphics.

Finally, check out my contact information if you want to collaborate, contribute photos or code, or just say hi. Have fun!

Me Drawn by Muling

Williams Homecoming

Me at Williams

Me on the Great Wall

Me at Ontario Art Gallery

Me and My Mom at Niagara Falls

Me by Lake Ontario

When I was seven?